The Collegians-X Club Song

Sung after a victory the Collegians-X club song goes as follows.

I know not, I care not where Lions may be
Whether down in the depths, or at top of the tree
I know not, I care not, for fortune’s decree
For I know, that there’s only one club for me.

You may also be interested in the history behind the song. Like the club this song has been around for a long time. The song is based on the Wesley Chorus as per the Wesley College song book – 1918.


History of “The Wesley Chorus”

“The Wesley Chorus” appears (uncredited) for the first time in 1918.
Words: Based on lyrics by Dr. Charles Mackay (1814-1889)
Music: “Good Company” by Stephen Adams (1844-1913)
Arranged: Unknown

The Wesley Chorus was sometimes, but not always, followed by the school war cry. Popular during the Boat Race season, it is sung anywhere a sports team enjoys victory.

According to the original sheet music publication for “Good Company”, the song “may be sung in public without fee or licence”.

Stephen Adams was a prolific composer of songs, as famous in Britain as Irving Berlin was later on in the USA. His real name was Michael Maybrick. Michael’s brother James Maybrick is considered by some historians to have been “Jack the Ripper”.


Michael Maybrick wrote under the name “Stephen Adams”

The original sheet music is reproduced here. The chorus of “Good Company” is the source for the Wesley Chorus:

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